Have you rebranded ?

Yes, we were called The Cheesecake Shop, but we are now called The Cake Solution. The reason was to have a brand name that reflected the product range and services we provide. As well as making delicious cheesecakes, we make sponge cakes, mudcakes, party cakes, wedding cakes and much more. Hopefully this helps provide clarity […]

Who owns The Cake Solution?

The Cake Solution (previously The Cheesecake Shop) is owned privately by Dillan and Neil, both from the Midlands. You can learn more about our history here

How are you handling COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in your locations?

Government food authorities advise us that transmission of COVID-19 through food (cake) is unlikely and there is no evidence of this occurring to date or with previous outbreaks of similar viruses such as SARS or MERS. The following additional measures have been added to our strict food safety and hygiene practices to minimise the risk […]

Can I order cakes online?

Of course you can. You can order from our famous range of cakes by 5pm and pick up the next day from 10am.